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I’ll Take the Chick!

Who doesn’t love the fair?

It’s where you can find any conceivable food deep fried into a greasy, yet somehow irresistible, treat. (Deep Fried cheesecake anyone?)

Or take a spin on a carnival ride originally deemed thrilling yet makes that deep fried friend a really poor choice.

To be honest, I am drawn to an agricultural fair for the animals.  Many flock to the ogle over the baby goats in custom made angora sweaters (ironic, right?) or to see the baby calves less than two days old.

But me? I like the henhouse.  This chicken is a fabulous. This feathered fowl is far from your average chick.  She is delight to the eye. From her posture to her feathers, this girl is  full of attitude! An inspiration for this design-minded entrepreneur that sees possibilities in the most unusual places.

So you can have your deep fried cheesecake.  I’ll take the chick.

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