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Pack It In!

July in our family means BEACH WEEK!

Which also means ROAD TRIP & frequent stops at multiple homes of our wonderful & always accommodating friends and family.

We love it.  We love it.  We love it.

However, truth be told the Mommy (me) gets a little crazy when it comes to packing. The hardest thing to about this trip is planning not only what to bring, but when you might need it. The challenge is how NOT to lose what you are looking for at any given moment in the depths of the duffel bag you thought was the right choice for packing.  I like a good duffel as much as the next mama, but honestly, could it be more difficult to find your white undies  that you need to wear under your white pants in the bottom of those things?  Ugh..

I digress…

It will come as no surprise to read that our “tiny tip” is to pack your bags with bags inside! It is a packing miracle!

One Tiny Olive bag for underthings.  One Tiny Olive bag for bathing suits. One Tiny Olive bag for tee shirts.  Etcetera. Etcetera.

Oh! And don’t forget an extra for laundry! And you can wash & iron the bag too!

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Tiny Olive Tips:

* Start a Family Collection
* Kids love 'em to stash their stuff.
* Cord Managment....keep organized.
* Wine bag fits 1 lb of coffee.
* Shoe/Travel Bags.

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