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My Valentine’s Day Story

Herb and I have been married for 15 years.  We were discussing recently how this mile marker is impactful.  We’re not newlyweds anymore.  We are starting to approach that time in a marriage where you realize your partner has been your closest friend for longer than you lived under your parents roof.

It’s more than a short story.  It’s officially a novel.

We like to spend Valentine’s Day in the fantastic city we call home – Portland.  We make a day of it, each of us choosing a place for breakfast, coffee, lunch, happy hour & dinner…yes…its a “full-filling” day.  The charm of our little city warms our hearts and reminds us of why we chose this picturesque coastal community filled with good food, incredible art, fantastic music & gorgeous scenery.

Our local paper wrote a story on how other Maine couples (including a little bit on us) celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We’re flattered to be included!


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