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Snacks on the go…

On-the-Go with Tiny Olive Bags

Chances are, if you’ve given a Tiny Olive bag as a gift, it has been re-used. Pack a snack in style and with organization in mind. Nothing worse than unorganized hunger…did someone say hangry? :)


A Christmas Miracle

I grew up 6 miles from the LL Bean Flagship store in Freeport Maine. The iconic boat tote was (and still is) a staple item for storage, travel & the best monogrammed gift idea for anyone & everyone visiting from away.

To say I am overwhelmed by my Tiny Olive bags being part of a display hung from the rafters this holiday a an understatement.  I am thrilled.  I am honored.  I am proud.

As a Maine native and small business owner there is nothing better.  It feels like a Christmas miracle.


Whether you’re up for a trick or a treat,

this custom made bag will surely keep your

Halloween goodies all in one place!

Contact US to order one today!





Hangover Kit Tiny Olive Style…

We had the pleasure of creating custom hang over kits for a beach themed 50th birthday bash!

Our guest of honor is a long time associate with Pepsi/Frito Lay – so salty snacks and bubbly beverages were the perfect cure all for the day after…along with a few other goodies:


Alka Seltzer…Eye drops…salt water taffy…and a Cliff Bar!

A fab Tiny Olive Goodie Bag for guests after a birthday bash no one could ever forget!




Yo! Daddio!

It’s Father’s Day.  When I walked into my studio to grab a bag for my husband’s gifts, one look at my burlap bags and suddenly I had a new idea.  My husband is our Daddio and we love him.  He’s my Maine Man and couldn’t imagine the world without him.  What better tribute?

Perfect for gift wrap…then ideal for reuse in his briefcase, for a laptop, dirty socks…I am sure he’ll find something to stash in it!

I love my burlap gift bags and have been experimenting with felt appliques.  These are custom made and for a limited time only…yes only a few days until Daddio Day!

Local Mainers…be on the lookout for more Maine bags!



Button, button…who’s got a button?

This shop on the upper east side in Manhattan has more buttons that anyone could know what to do with.  But it’s fun to imagine the possibilities!

Tender Buttons is hands down one of my favorite shops in New York.  It’s small…tucked away…the owners are kind & quiet…and I can spend hours just gazing upon the simplest of items: buttons.  Mundane to some I suppose.  But not me….

Every time you look there is something you hadn’t noticed. My favorites on this trip are the monkeys…I mean seriously…

So next time in NY…travel over to 62nd & Lex for a peek at more than just a few buttons!



Thanksgiving by Tiny Olive

We love being part of this special family tradition…

Our dearest friends Betsy & Ben, celebrate Thanksgiving surrounded by family & friends, as many of us do.

On their holiday table, each place setting includes a Tiny Olive Gift Bag with a carefully chosen Christmas Ornament tucked inside.

Whether hosting a crew or a few, this tradition is a special way to kick off the holiday season in thoughtful style!

The Christmas List

With daylight savings time already a distant memory, my mornings now start at 430 am.  My natural clock is set and I am ready to start my day before the crack of dawn.  Now and straight thru the holidays…only a mid afternoon triple latte will get me past dinnertime.

This morning’s 430 am accomplishment included an app I downloaded.  I have already put it to good use and feel pretty confident that it will prove to be the best tool for this Christmas Crazy mom, since I started making fabric gift bags.

It’s called The Christmas List:

iPhone Screenshot 1

I have entered my family, friends and neighbors to the list. My teenager takes photos of everything…especially when shopping at the mall, wishing for this and that.  This will come in handy as the app has a feature that you can enter a picture of the actual gift and record the store from an already populated list.

This app is so cool, it tracks your shopping progress – for those of us goal-oriented types, it offers a great feeling of satisfaction!

iPhone Screenshot 2

This little app is going to be my saving grace this holiday.  Now…is there an app to help me sleep later???



Tiny Olive Advent Calendar!

Have you noticed how popular “make your own” Advent Calendars are this year?

How about this idea…use small Tiny Olive bags to make create a keepsake Advent Calendar, as this lovely customer of ours did. How clever!


Pool Party!

I am sure all of us have attended a pool party, guilty of forgetting a towel or two and borrowed one from the hostess.  Next time you go to a pool or beach party, remember your towels AND bring a set for the hostess….preparing for the next time you forget!

Nicely gifted in a Large Tiny Olive Bag…or inquire about a custom made option…we can do them from recycled beach towels if you wish!

Pottery Barn Awning Stripe Beach Towel






Tiny Olive Tips:

* Start a Family Collection
* Kids love 'em to stash their stuff.
* Cord Managment....keep organized.
* Wine bag fits 1 lb of coffee.
* Shoe/Travel Bags.

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