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Snacks on the go…

On-the-Go with Tiny Olive Bags

Chances are, if you’ve given a Tiny Olive bag as a gift, it has been re-used. Pack a snack in style and with organization in mind. Nothing worse than unorganized hunger…did someone say hangry? :)


Pack It In!

July in our family means BEACH WEEK!

Which also means ROAD TRIP & frequent stops at multiple homes of our wonderful & always accommodating friends and family.

We love it.  We love it.  We love it.

However, truth be told the Mommy (me) gets a little crazy when it comes to packing. The hardest thing to about this trip is planning not only what to bring, but when you might need it. The challenge is how NOT to lose what you are looking for at any given moment in the depths of the duffel bag you thought was the right choice for packing.  I like a good duffel as much as the next mama, but honestly, could it be more difficult to find your white undies  that you need to wear under your white pants in the bottom of those things?  Ugh..

I digress…

It will come as no surprise to read that our “tiny tip” is to pack your bags with bags inside! It is a packing miracle!

One Tiny Olive bag for underthings.  One Tiny Olive bag for bathing suits. One Tiny Olive bag for tee shirts.  Etcetera. Etcetera.

Oh! And don’t forget an extra for laundry! And you can wash & iron the bag too!

It’s the little things that make mom happy…

Moms like the little things.  We like the handwritten cards our kids make at school that describe our best qualities.  We like it when you tell us you love us randomly without notice.  We love it when you pick up your room without asking.

It’s the little things.

Oh…and if you HAPPEN to find a little something that needs a small package….Tiny Olive has your bag.

We will like that too.



Easter on the go…


We are in the car.  A lot.

With Easter approaching we couldn’t pass up the bag of jelly beans at the checkout for a quick sugary snack.  We hopped in the car, popped open the bag and…POP!  Beans EVERYWHERE!  So I quickly grabbed a Tiny Olive bag…dumped the jelly beans in and…


Jelly Beans on the go!

We keep them in the center console of the car.  They look cute in our bag and are a perfect stash for a sweet Easter treat!



PS.  Morale to the story is keep an empty Tiny Olive bag with you at all times…you never know when you will spill the beans!

Where is spring?


In Maine spring is a figment of the imagination.  We have Summer, Fall, Winter & Mud season.  And so far…mud season seems to be only a dream as everything is still icy, cold & snowy.

Alas…at the Tiny Olive studio we are dreaming of all things spring…thinking of birds in the birdbath.  No matter these birds happen to wrap themselves around a tasty bottle of wine or two…

Hmm…maybe the wine will help us dream up more spring…and perhaps (dare I say it out loud) summer!?




Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag…


With Thanksgiving being so late this year, we felt compelled to haul out our Chrimstmas decorations a few days early. This morning, when unloading our trunk of fabric gift bags that we use each year, my 9 year old asked me, “When are we going to send the bags to Santa?” My 13 year even agreed and confirmed for her younger sister “Let’s pack the box today so mom can mail them next week!”  I just love that all of us believe in the spirit of the season and can share in this ageless tradition.

The girls and I just packed this box to ship to the North Pole for Christmas.  We included a few extras in the box…some carrots for the reindeer & an ornament for Mrs. Claus..  We know Santa will be thrilled to wrap fewer gifts and waste less paper.  We think he’s trying to go green!

I hope both girls will still want to share in this tradition it when they’re 40.

I imagine they will.





Happy Earth Day!

Be kind to mother earth:



RE-GIFT with Tiny Olive bags!

xo Deb

Valentine’s Day

Whether a box of chocolates or a book of poetry, you’ll LOVE giving your Valentine one of these delightful bags. Made from light pink linen, we finished these bags with a red satin ribbon and matching stitching.  A simple frayed edge at the drawstring provides for a little texture, making these Tiny Olive bags extra special.

Sold in pairs – one for you and one for your love!

Custom Made.  Limited Edition.


Love is Brewing…

Tiny Olive was thrilled to design the wedding favors for a small wedding that took place on New Year’s Day.  Special couple Lisa and Tait took their vows before close family in the most intimate setting in their historic family farmhouse.

Wedding favors were made from Candlewicking Wine Bags – we filled them with coffee beans (you can imagine the divine smell in our studio during this process….yum) tied them with a champagne satin ribbon and placed a tag on the front reading: LOVE IS BREWING – Lisa & Tait 1.1.2013.

Oh so romantic!  The best part…love is brewing indeed….the happy couple is expecting a bundle of joy this spring!  Congratulations to Lisa & Tait!


Thanksgiving Day Place Setting

Thanksgiving Bags for Maryland

A wonderful customer of ours has a lovely tradition.  This gracious hostess buys a Christmas ornament for each guest and places it on their plate in a Tiny Olive Bag.  Each year, she chooses a different pattern and orders enough small sized bags for each person coming to dinner.  Here is this year’s order…on it’s way to make a Maryland Thanksgiving even more merry!




Tiny Olive Tips:

* Start a Family Collection
* Kids love 'em to stash their stuff.
* Cord Managment....keep organized.
* Wine bag fits 1 lb of coffee.
* Shoe/Travel Bags.

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