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You never know when Tiny Olive will come in handy…

Happens to everyone I suppose…off to the grocery store and forgot my grocery tote bags.  As one might imagine, I prefer to use reusable tote bags when I go shopping. That being said, I have been known to forget them…as happened this very week. Thank heavens for my Tiny Olive Mobile where I keep bags stashed.  I was lucky enough to have two large Tiny Olive Bags stashed in the back of my explorer. This saved the day – and sheer embarassment  - at Trader Joe’s checkout. Drawing looks of curiosity, I stashed away can of beans, bags of fruit and other pantry stock items in my cute bags, tied them up & voila…grocery shopping in style. Tiny Olive Bags to the rescue!


Snacks on the go…

On-the-Go with Tiny Olive Bags

Chances are, if you’ve given a Tiny Olive bag as a gift, it has been re-used. Pack a snack in style and with organization in mind. Nothing worse than unorganized hunger…did someone say hangry? :)


Get This Semester in the Bag…


We’ve got you covered.

Science, Math, French Class…keep it in a bag. When you need it, grab & go.

Who needs a boring book cover when you can keep your bag safe, clean and

(most importantly)


in a TinyOlive Bag!


Where the Heck is My Phone?

Been there right?

You toss your bag in the abyss, otherwise known as your handbag.

With each futile attempt to find your phone, you become increasingly more frustrated.

Our solution? A bag…for your phone…and your bag.

A bag for your bag.

Get it?


Pack It In!

July in our family means BEACH WEEK!

Which also means ROAD TRIP & frequent stops at multiple homes of our wonderful & always accommodating friends and family.

We love it.  We love it.  We love it.

However, truth be told the Mommy (me) gets a little crazy when it comes to packing. The hardest thing to about this trip is planning not only what to bring, but when you might need it. The challenge is how NOT to lose what you are looking for at any given moment in the depths of the duffel bag you thought was the right choice for packing.  I like a good duffel as much as the next mama, but honestly, could it be more difficult to find your white undies  that you need to wear under your white pants in the bottom of those things?  Ugh..

I digress…

It will come as no surprise to read that our “tiny tip” is to pack your bags with bags inside! It is a packing miracle!

One Tiny Olive bag for underthings.  One Tiny Olive bag for bathing suits. One Tiny Olive bag for tee shirts.  Etcetera. Etcetera.

Oh! And don’t forget an extra for laundry! And you can wash & iron the bag too!

I’ll Take the Chick!

Who doesn’t love the fair?

It’s where you can find any conceivable food deep fried into a greasy, yet somehow irresistible, treat. (Deep Fried cheesecake anyone?)

Or take a spin on a carnival ride originally deemed thrilling yet makes that deep fried friend a really poor choice.

To be honest, I am drawn to an agricultural fair for the animals.  Many flock to the ogle over the baby goats in custom made angora sweaters (ironic, right?) or to see the baby calves less than two days old.

But me? I like the henhouse.  This chicken is a fabulous. This feathered fowl is far from your average chick.  She is delight to the eye. From her posture to her feathers, this girl is  full of attitude! An inspiration for this design-minded entrepreneur that sees possibilities in the most unusual places.

So you can have your deep fried cheesecake.  I’ll take the chick.

Did You Say Treat?

Yes I am one of those dog owners/small business people that shamelessly use their adorable animal to garner more attention. Photo shoots with Maddie May are fairly easy.  She’s a lab.  She likes food.  Hold up a treat and she’ll freeze faster than you can say Olaf.

So enjoy this cute outtake from a promo for a sale we are doing later this month.

Small Business (Dog) Owners unite!

My Valentine’s Day Story

Herb and I have been married for 15 years.  We were discussing recently how this mile marker is impactful.  We’re not newlyweds anymore.  We are starting to approach that time in a marriage where you realize your partner has been your closest friend for longer than you lived under your parents roof.

It’s more than a short story.  It’s officially a novel.

We like to spend Valentine’s Day in the fantastic city we call home – Portland.  We make a day of it, each of us choosing a place for breakfast, coffee, lunch, happy hour & dinner…yes…its a “full-filling” day.  The charm of our little city warms our hearts and reminds us of why we chose this picturesque coastal community filled with good food, incredible art, fantastic music & gorgeous scenery.

Our local paper wrote a story on how other Maine couples (including a little bit on us) celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We’re flattered to be included!


Atlantis Here We Come!

It’s cold here in Maine. Time to start thinking (and packing) for a warm weather trip.

Felt so nice to organize my travel accessories in our nautically themed bags.

Blue Rugby Stripe Canvas Bag for activities. Burlap Anchor Bag for jewelry.

I’m ready!


A Christmas Miracle

I grew up 6 miles from the LL Bean Flagship store in Freeport Maine. The iconic boat tote was (and still is) a staple item for storage, travel & the best monogrammed gift idea for anyone & everyone visiting from away.

To say I am overwhelmed by my Tiny Olive bags being part of a display hung from the rafters this holiday a an understatement.  I am thrilled.  I am honored.  I am proud.

As a Maine native and small business owner there is nothing better.  It feels like a Christmas miracle.

Tiny Olive Tips:

* Start a Family Collection
* Kids love 'em to stash their stuff.
* Cord Managment....keep organized.
* Wine bag fits 1 lb of coffee.
* Shoe/Travel Bags.

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