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Whether you’re up for a trick or a treat,

this custom made bag will surely keep your

Halloween goodies all in one place!

Contact US to order one today!





Hangover Kit Tiny Olive Style…

We had the pleasure of creating custom hang over kits for a beach themed 50th birthday bash!

Our guest of honor is a long time associate with Pepsi/Frito Lay – so salty snacks and bubbly beverages were the perfect cure all for the day after…along with a few other goodies:


Alka Seltzer…Eye drops…salt water taffy…and a Cliff Bar!

A fab Tiny Olive Goodie Bag for guests after a birthday bash no one could ever forget!





It’s Maine Blueberry season.  That means time for our annual family outing to the fields in Limerick at Libby’s in Limerick  We call it “blueberry-ing” – a phrase coined by Papa – my dad – a verb for picking blueberries!  And not just picking a quart or’s a commitment!


Perfect weather. Perfect picking.

Pounds of blueberries…70 pounds to be exact!  Dried & frozen for use all year through…smoothies, pies, jams or a simple frozen treat!

But first we baked mufins…and shared with our new neighbors!

Hope you find yourself outside this week enjoying the summer sun & local fun at your farm or market!



Christmas in July!


Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree…..have a happy holiday…in July!

Enjoy 25% off all bags for the rest of July!



Yo! Daddio!

It’s Father’s Day.  When I walked into my studio to grab a bag for my husband’s gifts, one look at my burlap bags and suddenly I had a new idea.  My husband is our Daddio and we love him.  He’s my Maine Man and couldn’t imagine the world without him.  What better tribute?

Perfect for gift wrap…then ideal for reuse in his briefcase, for a laptop, dirty socks…I am sure he’ll find something to stash in it!

I love my burlap gift bags and have been experimenting with felt appliques.  These are custom made and for a limited time only…yes only a few days until Daddio Day!

Local Mainers…be on the lookout for more Maine bags!



It’s the little things that make mom happy…

Moms like the little things.  We like the handwritten cards our kids make at school that describe our best qualities.  We like it when you tell us you love us randomly without notice.  We love it when you pick up your room without asking.

It’s the little things.

Oh…and if you HAPPEN to find a little something that needs a small package….Tiny Olive has your bag.

We will like that too.



Easter on the go…


We are in the car.  A lot.

With Easter approaching we couldn’t pass up the bag of jelly beans at the checkout for a quick sugary snack.  We hopped in the car, popped open the bag and…POP!  Beans EVERYWHERE!  So I quickly grabbed a Tiny Olive bag…dumped the jelly beans in and…


Jelly Beans on the go!

We keep them in the center console of the car.  They look cute in our bag and are a perfect stash for a sweet Easter treat!



PS.  Morale to the story is keep an empty Tiny Olive bag with you at all times…you never know when you will spill the beans!

Where is spring?


In Maine spring is a figment of the imagination.  We have Summer, Fall, Winter & Mud season.  And so far…mud season seems to be only a dream as everything is still icy, cold & snowy.

Alas…at the Tiny Olive studio we are dreaming of all things spring…thinking of birds in the birdbath.  No matter these birds happen to wrap themselves around a tasty bottle of wine or two…

Hmm…maybe the wine will help us dream up more spring…and perhaps (dare I say it out loud) summer!?




Button, button…who’s got a button?

This shop on the upper east side in Manhattan has more buttons that anyone could know what to do with.  But it’s fun to imagine the possibilities!

Tender Buttons is hands down one of my favorite shops in New York.  It’s small…tucked away…the owners are kind & quiet…and I can spend hours just gazing upon the simplest of items: buttons.  Mundane to some I suppose.  But not me….

Every time you look there is something you hadn’t noticed. My favorites on this trip are the monkeys…I mean seriously…

So next time in NY…travel over to 62nd & Lex for a peek at more than just a few buttons!



Merry Merry!

Wishing you all peace, love & happiness on this Christmas Day!



Tiny Olive Tips:

* Start a Family Collection
* Kids love 'em to stash their stuff.
* Cord Managment....keep organized.
* Wine bag fits 1 lb of coffee.
* Shoe/Travel Bags.

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