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Special bags and collections available upon request.

Simply let us know your needs and we will find a way!


Q. I love the look of a freshly pressed bag.  Can I iron my Tiny Olive Bags?

A. Absolutely!  At Tiny Olive, we recognize that during the course of reuse – or often after shipping – a bit of natural wrinkling happens.  Press your Tiny Olive bag on medium heat, using a press cloth between the bag and the iron.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for ways to accessorize my Tiny Olive Bags?

A. Yes!  Our customers use a myriad of fun, whimsical ideas to gussy up their bags.  We love the idea of adding a Christmas ornament to holiday gifts, a beautiful ribbon tied around the gift to add a splash of color/texture, or even tying a flower or sprig of greens for added flair!

At Tiny Olive, we are particularly fond of using burlap and bakers twine wrapped around the center for added embellishment.

The creative opportunities are endless!

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Tiny Olive Tips:

* Start a Family Collection
* Kids love 'em to stash their stuff.
* Cord Managment....keep organized.
* Wine bag fits 1 lb of coffee.
* Shoe/Travel Bags.

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